Web development

IYW design approach begins with the most important aspect of the site: Information. Prior to building a large-scale project, it is essential that the content be completely mapped, including graphic look and feel, information architecture, navigational schematic, and a specification of all technologies and functionality. We place great emphasis on site identity and client branding. We ensure that the quality of each site equals or surpasses the quality of other client-branded materials. The more consistent the brand is online, the more effective the message is. The design must evoke emotion and a call to action, enticing the audience to rely on the content enough to visit again. After the analysis and the planning, the next step is to ensure that the web site depoys what was planned. The web site must be able to facilitate the realization of objectives, and deliver the following points:

1. The company’s characteristics
2. The target audience’s needs, wants and perceptions of added value
3. Build awareness of a particular brand or service
4. Develop a new marketing strategy | Reinforce a current strategy
5. E-commerce | Increase sales